Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to be

"He didn't envy nor slay any one, but honored and exalted all good men without exception, and hence he neither feared nor hated any one of them."
--The Roman Emperor Trajan, as described by Cassius Dio, Roman History, Epitome of Book LXVII

Truly the way to be.

Matt Drudge does it again!

Ever vigilant for hypocrisy in our modern era, the iconic Matt Drudge has done it again. He's got a link on his home page titled:
Blizzard Rearranges Announcement of Feds New Global Warming Office...
which links to this story on The Wall Street Journal's Web site:

This is classic Matt Drudge and classic Drudge Report. Thanks, Matt, for keeping us sane.