Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hacking, parenting and the Intermarkets Way

As a parent, when your child does a great thing, there's always the conflict between wanting to brag about their accomplishment, while at the same time not wanting to seem like one of "those" parents who endlessly promote their child's every latest move as some form of monumental achievement worthy of the Nobel Prize or a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

But sometimes, you just gotta brag.

Every day at Intermarkets, we strive to achieve greatness within the construct of the Intermarkets Way. This means going above and beyond what is expected, to achieve what should be done.

With a widely dispersed staff, working at various locations across the country, it's easy, however, for us to just take for granted the everyday heroic acts of our team. For me, it's native to not seek out commendations, and that can lead to not sharing them, either. And that's not a good thing.

So today that changes.

And we've got a great example to use as a starting point.

This morning, my colleague Mike S. was doing a routine check of one of our publishers' sites and noticed something peculiar with the Google search code on the site.

After some quick research, he contacted me and explained the situation. Someone had “hacked” into the site’s server and made changes to the site's home page. The site’s servers are the same that host another of our publishers. This set off major alarm bells, even though the issue was not directly related to Intermarkets.

We contacted the publisher and he and his webmaster investigated and found that there was a security issue. The issue was resolved, and the code was corrected.

Thanks to Mike's rapid actions, we saved the publisher lost revenue and identified a security issue that could have affected other publishers, too. We earned the appreciation of the publisher as well as the webmaster.

Thanks, Mike, for your actions today, and thanks to everyone on the Intermarkets team for contributing to our ongoing success, and building the legendary Intermarkets Way.

Like I said, sometimes you just gotta brag.